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Miras, Astana, Nazarbayev University

“The summer 2016 opened me a new viewpoint from the perspective of Brooklyn bridge...” One of the most incredible trips in my life was in summer 2016, when I participated in the “Work and Travel” program and traveled to the USA. I spend amazing time travelling through the east coast of America and working in sunny Panama City Beach, Florida. One of the things that I liked mostly in my trip were the people that I meet during this time, because they were so different from each other. The other one is the sightseeings in cities like Panama City, Orlando, New York, Philadelphia, they were incredibly beautiful.

The working part of this program was unexpectedly great. To my view, I had the best employee I could ever work for. Vimal Talati was a very kind person and tried to make our life more comfortable, helping us at any time. I knew that if I have any problems, he will help me with it. He helped me to find housing, transportation and even entertainment. The workplace environment was very kind. My colleagues were people from different countries, so it was interesting culture sharing. Job conditions were exactly the same as it was written in job offer.

I want to thank the agencies that gave me this opportunity, "Opportunity Programs" and "CCI Greanheart". "Opportunity Language School", the agency in Kazakhstan, was very helpful for preparing this trip and supported me all the time. Special thanks to Sakan Begalinov, director of "Opportunity Programs", who gave me a lot of pieces of advice. CCI Greenheart cared about my well-being throughout my trip and I felt safe and comfortable.

Overall, I had one of the greatest experience in my life and I will definitely suggest this program to my friends.


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