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Elmira, Almaty, Kazakh National University

Hello:) My name is Elmira and this summer I was part of such a great program "Work and Travel" and spent my unforgettable summer in the USA. I was in the state of Minnesota which is famous with its 10000 lakes, city of Minneapolis - one of the biggest cities of this state. I would like to say thank you to our visa sponsor CCI Greenheart and to organization Opportunity Programs for giving us an opportunity to spend the greatest 3 months in the USA. I had a chance to work in the huge baseball stadium Target Field, I worked there as a concession stand attendant and I really liked working there. It was such an incredible atmosphere in the stadium, thousands of fans are coming to stadium to support their team, all of them are smiling and having fun and I also had fun serving them and enjoying the atmosphere. Our employer, colleagues, leads were very kind to us and helped us with everything. In 3 months I got a lot of friends from around the world, had cultural exchange experience, improved my English, got great work experience, became more confident and independent, traveled to different states and enjoyed my summer time. I am very thankful to Sakan Begalinov and CCI Greenheart for my great 3 months in the USA and for cultural exchange!:))


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